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Current Position – Unemployed Since January 2020 


1998 – 2000                                           US Army – Fort Campbell, KY

Telecommunications Operator

  • Manage upwards of 8 individuals, observing technicians’ performance, and serving as an escalation point for issues requiring escalations  
  • Assist with daily operational duties including Analysis of Data Received from   

Special Ops Teams in Field In regard to Locations, Supplies, Important Message Transfers – Data from Field Teams on what needed to be transferred to higher command channels

  • Responsible developing and directly managing a team of Data Operators for    Communications Resources and Reports from Field
  • Evaluate/Analyze scheduling to cover 24/7 operations as well as arrange for Drop Zones, Meeting Locations, Reservations.

2000 – 2002                                                Fort Campbell Courier

Graphics Designer

  • Designed Ad’s For the Supplemental newspaper.  
  • Worked with Programs Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, QuarkXPress
  • Would help with ad’s for Kentucky new Era as needed
  • I would deal with clients in there needs for the ad to make sure the ad was what they wanted and had what they needed in it.

2001 – 2005                                              Combined Insurance Company

Insurance Sales

  • Sold Casualty, AD&D, Cancer and Health Supplemental   
  • Worked with home-owners to get them the best possible policies for the budget and needs they had
  • Would travel daily to different locations for work up to 1 hour away

2002 – 2005                                                      QIS – Quality Inspection Services

Supervisor/Quality Control Inspector

  • Inspected parts of automobiles for fine cracks to make sure they were quality parts.  
  • Supervised Multiple Crew locations with crew sizes of 2 to 12 people per location with an average of 3 different locations.
  • Worked in Numerous settings from Hot to Cold, To poor Lighting.
  • Did employee Performance Reviews (Quarterly and Yearly)

2005 – 2006                                                    Domino’s Pizza

Shift Manager

  • Running Shifts, Keeping Books updated nightly, Deposits, Opening and Closing of Store
  • Supervised up to12 people at a time plus average 3-6 drivers
  • Dealt with customer complaints in a timely manner
  • Dealt With Employee discipline including Sexual harassment claims
  • Helped with employee Performance Reviews (Quarterly)
  • Cut Cost Reduction of Food Usage with employees
  • Cut the cost of Food ordering by looking at the previous year’s sales and prior week sales for Ordering of the following week’s products.

2006 – 2012                                                   Best Security

Supervisor/H&S Inspector

  • Inspected Guards at multiple Locations For Health & Safety and Paperwork Completed Properly 
  • Supervised Multiple Crew locations with crew sizes of 1 to 8 people per location with an average of 6 different locations.
  • Did Patrols around Building, Properties or Gate Duties.
  • Did employee Performance Reviews (Yearly)

2008 – 2012                                    (Seasonal) Madisonville City Park

Night Watchmen/Pro Shop Clerk

  • Security Around City Park/Golf Course, Nightly Deposits of Park/Swimming Pool Earnings for Day
  • Help Customers in Pro Shop and Around Park
  • Nightly Paperwork of Pro Shops Earnings.
  • Lockup of Park Nightly.
  • Keyholder for All Building/Gates on City Park Property
  • Did Patrols around Building, Properties or Gate Duties.
  • Skunk Control with City Police Department to exterminate Overpopulation of Skunks
  • Helped Maintain Park cleanliness by helping with landscaping duties around the park including weed eating, weed killer, weed pulling. Trash pickup, lake cleanup.

2012 – 2014                                       Hopkins County Humane Society

Animal Control Officer

  • Followed the Laws as Defined by Kentucky State Statues Chapters 525 and 258Help Customers in Pro Shop and Around Park
  • picked up aggressive and stray animals in and around Hopkins County, KY
  • helped with & certified in euthanasia/disposal of animals
  • Performed Office Duties, including helping with Email Setup for Animal Control, Inventory at end of Month, Website Management, Working with Public
  • Did Patrols around Building, Properties or Gate Duties.
  • Helped address on occasions incidents on Customers that were upset and not understanding certain situations during times of Management not being present.

2014 – 2016                                                  Memsco (Mine Equipment and Supply)

Assistant Warehouse Manager, Misc. Job Duties/Security

  • Helped Load trucks and get trucks ready for delivery.
  • Helped Keep the property clean and Secured
  • Helped with Inventory and Ordering of Products
  • Unloaded Delivery Trucks and Organized Warehouse
  • Supervision of up to 4 people when the Warehouse Manager was not present.
  • Organized Route Delivery’s for following days Delivery’s

2016-2017                                                                  Cricket Wireless

Assistant Manager/Sales Associate

  • Helped Customers with Cellular Problems and Troubleshooting up to and including, Factory Resets, Data Backup, Data Recovery, Connection Issues, Bluetooth Connectivity, Vehicle Hookup.
  • Helped Customer with Making Payments, Upgrading Service, Upgrading Devices
  • Opening and Closing Store as well as Nightly Deposits
  • Inventory Management

2017-2018                                           America’s Car-Mart – Multiple Locations

Assistant Manager

  • Helped Customers with a purchase of a Used Vehicle, Repair Issues, Payments and Collections of Non-Payments, Visitation of Customers in Field.
  • Helped Implement New Forms for company use In Regard to Budgeting Information for Customers, & Analysis of Vehicle’s Inventoried and Sold.
  • Supervision of up to 8 people when the Manager was not Present.
  • Worked with Sales staff to improve sales performance at Location.
  • Helped with Customer Complaints and Collection Issues.

2018-2019 (Disaster Only Job)                                       Tetra Tech

Misc. Positions

  • Collections, Tower Monitor, Leaner/Hanger, Vehicle Survey, Asbestos abatement, TFL (Task Force Leader), H&S (Health and Safety), Erosion Control,  Fencing, Chimney’s, Haul out.
  • Worked with the Public dealing with Loss of Property and Sometimes Life of Loved ones or Animals.
  • Helped with Cleanup of Paradise, California – Fire
  • Helped with Cleanup of Havelock, NC – Hurricane

2019 – (Jan) 2020                                                          Go Retail Group

Misc. Positions

  • Managed Location inside of Mall
  • Inventoried and Kept up with over 1000 Products
  • Managed a staff of up to 6 people creating schedules weekly
  • Raised Sales and Managed upsells. Sold out of there upsell product within 1 week of taking over the location.
  • Closed Down Location. Packed up and Shipped remaining items back to corporate.

(Jan) 2020 – Current                                                       Unemployed


1994 – 1998                       Oak Ridge High School – El Dorado Hills, CA

High School Diploma

1998 – 1999                                      United States Armed Forces (Army)

Telecommunications Operator

  • Radio  Communications
    • Networking
    • Computer  Security
    • Satellite  Communications
    • Data Analysis

1999-2000                                          United States Armed Forces (Army)

Combat Life Saver

  • Lifesaving skills, Splints, Shots, IV’s, CPR, First Aid certification, Heat Training.

1999-2000                                          Austin Pea University (Thru Military – Evening Classes)

  • Residential and Business Electrical Wiring (4 Month Class)
  • Plumbing for Residential and Small Business (4 Month Class)

AWARDS RECEIVED                                                                                                                                                 

Combat Life Saver (Military), Telecommunications Operator (Military), Electrician (Austin Pea University), Health Insurance (State of Kentucky) First Aid Certification (expired), National Animal Control Association – Nationally Certified ACO, Euthanasia Certification, Lifeguard Certification

1998 – 1999                                      United States Armed Forces (Army)

Telecommunications Operator

  • Operations NCO with the rank of E-2 (Private)
    • Combat Life Saver Trained
    • Cost Reduction of Unit in regards to Building /Maintenance Repairs & Safety Issues
    • Development of Programs for Personnel including Personal Development, Health and Safety, Survival

 n Weekly Update Presentations to Commanding Officers including but not limited to Financial, Mechanical, Deployment, and Medical Information for Battalion Operations.

2013-2015                        Best Security – St Charles, KY

Inspector/Safety Officer

  • Checking on Crews to Make sure they were wearing Proper Safety equipment at job sites
    • Conduct Interviews and Help with Harassment Claims.
  • Time Management – Prioritizing, Decision-making, Multitasking, Problem Solving, Scheduling, Documentation, Stock Inventory, Strategic Planning, Organization, and Filing, Record Keeping
  • Technical Skills – MS Office, Email, Google Drive, Social Media, Graphical, Some Web Design, Phone, Troubleshooting, Video Creation, Equipment Installation and Configuration/Maintenance, Typing, Database Management
  • People Skills – Conflict resolution, People Management, Strategic Thinking, Collaboration, Coaching, Influencing, Negotiation
  • Marketing Skills – Sales, Negotiation, Writing, Sales Leadership, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Management